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Hanover Street provides servicing and administration support for performing, sub-performing and non-performing commercial real estate loans. Our experience spans multiple market cycles, and all property types located throughout the United States . Our portfolio represents retained credit risk in senior and subordinate loan structures, including mezzanine, A/B subordinated positions, syndications/participations, multi-currency, revolvers, swing-lines, collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). Underlying collateral for these loans includes stabilized, transitional (value-add) and development properties. Our Loan Administration Group monitors and oversees the loan portfolio, and is involved throughout the lifecycle of the transaction: pre-closing, closing, monitoring of the loan/investment, payment of the loan, and then to realization of any capital gain associated with the final disposal of the original investment. Our basic services include: cash collections and disbursements; asset and borrower request management, cash management including waterfall administration, escrow and reserve administration, financial statement management, construction/renovation loan monitoring, budget reviews, and property inspections.