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Peter Ferdinandi, Managing Director | Chief Operating Officer.

Peter Ferdinandi

Peter Ferdinandi, a Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer at Hanover Street Capital, LLC provides strategic and operational leadership including overall governance of HanoverStreet’s business activities. Mr. Ferdinandi, working in partnership with the Chief Executive of Hanover, is responsible for business development and client relationship management. Mr. Ferdinandi has oversight of all key operational disciplines including finance, human resources, compliance and technology, employing over 20 years of experience in broker-dealer / financial services and the real estate finance industry. Prior to joining HanoverStreet, Mr. Ferdinandi was most recently COO/CAO Americas for the Commercial Real Estate group at Deutsche Bank and served as COO of Deutsche Banc Mortgage Capital – a commercial mortgage conduit loan originator and underwriting platform. Mr. Ferdinandi has held several business management and controllership positions covering equities, fixed income / debt and derivative products over the course of 16 years while at Deutsche Bank and began his career as a Financial Analyst with Wasserstein Perella & Co.