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HanoverStreet’s Asset Management and Servicing team of commercial real estate professionals dedicated to the management of our client’s investments across a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate debt, ranging from performing, high yield, sub-performing, non-performing commercial mortgage loans, managing distressed and non-performing loans and real estate owned (REO) to the most complex structured CRE debt instruments.

The practice includes veteran managers with nearly three decades of credit, portfolio management and loan workout experience, spanning multiple market cycles and all property types, working side-by-side with professionals in the earlier stages of their careers, in a culture of independence, transparency and integrity that permits us to focus on achieving superior results for our client. Our professionals have managed assets across the U.S., including troubled assets and trophy properties. We have the knowledge and expertise to either manage or assist in the management of commercial real estate assets, including the development of asset-based business plans and budgets. We have the skills to manage troubled loans and difficult borrowers and can develop strategic business plans for the resolution of a troubled loan, and provide the resources needed to resolve the most complex loan defaults through loan modifications, restructures, or the ultimate sale of properties that maximizes return on the collateral.

We achieve superior results, not simply as passive financial engineering, but as active distressed debt asset managers. Our services include, loan-specific re-underwriting to assist in the management of loan maturities and potential default situations, and direct REO operating, re-positioning and liquidation management. Time-tested and rigorous property-level analysis, business plan diligence and investment review processes developed in the course of completing thousands of transactions enable us to identify and manage potential risks to the benefit of our clients and partners.

In addition, a robust portfolio management and loan administration platform provides added collateral management and oversight services through specialized and developed monitoring systems and technology infrastructure.